Monday, July 26, 2010

New studio ideas

I am working on making my studio a one of a kind fantasy place. Picture this you pull up to have your childs fantasy picture done and you see a castle complete with draw bridge. To the right of it is a long castle wall to the left is where the fairies and other creatures live. Now would that start you off to fantasy land?
Inside will be part fantasy also. We use a special screen so the fantasy can become real. No other studio has done this as they have to do so many other forms of photography to just make ends meet. We will only be doing fantasy here. Children only dream for such a short time before they get to much into other things. Would it be nice to hold unto the dream for a lifetime. What was your make believe life? Did you love fairies? Why not be one? These are photographs that will last forever not to be thrown unto a shoebox and lost. Enjoy child hood even if it is thru your child's eyes now.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fantasy Pictures

We have decided to start doing children fantasy pictures. This is something that is not offered in this area. There are a lot of regular studio's here that will rush you thru in 15 minutes and you will have a beautiful posed picture.
In my studio however we play and even before the session even starts we find out which one the parents prefer so this way we can plan which types of poses will have to be done. The younger the child is however we just go with the flow.
This is so very exciting as it let's me do both things I love to do. I even have one of the moms now helping by doing the hair and makeup for these.
You can set your own free session right on the website

Monday, July 5, 2010

New special photo session

We are going to be doing fairy pictures. Working on getting everything together. No expensive set that would take hours to set up and take down. No storage of props or anything. Getting started today on our project.
Will be posting samples on facebook.

Went to Tulsa

For our anniversary this year we went to my favorite place Tulsa. We did not spend much at all just went looking around and of course ate at my favorite place Poncho's. Love just going and looking. Found a store that I am going back to after I get some extra money. Macy's is not what I thought at all they have some really good prices. Not much more than Wal-Mart.
So we went to church right after to Tulsa and got back after 8 pm. Got in bed at 9 passed out until 6 am such a great day.

Friday, July 2, 2010

What a week!

This has been a long week but so glad I am at home now.
We are making new plans for a new kind of studio. Still doing the same photography just going to have a twist to it. Only 3 more months before the studio will be open full time.
Not going to spell the beans yet on what it is, but there is no one offering it around Fort Smith. Going to be so fun.

Monday, June 28, 2010

New week

Well it is now a new work week. Already started off weird. Staying at the super 8 in Forrest City, Ar. got here with about 20 minutes left of the game to go . Yeah Brazil won 3-0 now they go on to the next level. Well after I got my room I went to wal-mart to get my stuff for sandwiches for this week. Got back and my room key did not work so had them fix it. Came in go the computer out made supper read 5 chapters in my bible. Get a text it was a co-worker wanted to know what room I was in. Well they gave my room mate a room also so now we both have a room to ourselves. Found out that they kept messing up all nite here a lot of us have our own rooms tonight.
After the store tomorrow we drive to Little Rock to the next hotel. So will see how it goes tomorrow.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thoughts for the day

I sit here in the studio where it is nice and quiet and do a lot of thinking. It is like my own little spot where I can look outside hear the birds singing watch the rain and just think.
Instead of just watching tv seems like it is better to listen to Spirit 106.3. So much better no bad things on there. Nice songs and puts you in the mood to do a lot of computer stuff that needs to get done.
The website has been caught up, all contest have been planned. The one thing that seems to be the theme is as long as I do something free people come in. Hard to understand why someone would rather go to a department store be rushed thru and still not be happy with them. Oh and did I mention they advertise a package for $4.99 to $7.99 except when it comes time to pay then it goes up. They always put the ones that you don't like in the package. The kids get bored having to wait, parents gets mad at the kids because they won't do a pose. If anyone can really explain why please do. I used to go for the cheap but never liked the just pose like this, put your head down ...etc. That is not who I am or who my husband is. We are people who are so different so why should we be posed like everyone else? Oh and don't even ask to put your pet in there, they are not allowed in the store or mall.
Just really confused. In my studio I let the parents get involved. The kids play I even play with them. We laugh have a great time. The photographs are great because I have captured who they are. I do some posed one but not many because it looks so fake. Oh my favorite time is when we do the attitude shots. Just have to see the faces. Sometimes they get me laughing so hard it is really hard to take the picture.
My contest are designed to just have fun. This last one I did have only one family come but still had fun. Her son is just so funny. This was a dress up contest the daughter had her stuff but her son wasn't going to do it. Well he went in there found my shells (for girls) was holding them up his dad saw it got us to go look. We laughed so hard and it turned out so good. Like I said my studio we play and I let them be themselves.
Anyway just had this on my mind. Next Friday I am going to get 200 fliers printed up for the studio then need to get them out.